March 2013

Kia Highbrook - Chrome Logo Rebrand

Posted 21 March 2013

With the implementation of the new 'chrome logos', installed by Cranium - Kia Highbrook is looking hot!

Show us your Cranium!

Posted 14 March 2013

We were visited by representitives from the 'Shave For A Cure' foundation who asked if we wanted to participate in raising donations for their cause.

We have an employee named Wally who suffers from Leukaemia, which gave us an even bigger push to helping out. On Friday the 8th March, we got the razor out and started shaving! See the photos below!

We thank all of the generous people who donated on our behalf - and helped us to raise a total of $1250

In alphabetical order..

Andy Bailey, Bob Wines, Chester & Francie, Cindyanna Cooksey, Dennis Currie, Glass Projects Ltd, Mike Thompson, National Signs, POD Consulting, Terry & Francis Brown, & Wayne Walker


Mico have seen the Light!

Posted 1 March 2013

Mico Plumbing recently approached us, giving us an opportunity to show our expertise in vehicle graphics.

This Toyota Camry is the first of many!