April 2013

Motorama Greenlane

Posted 17 April 2013

Motorama of Greenlane recently had a rebrand done - and therefore wanted new signage. We produced and installed the fascia, wall graphics and an impressive looking pylon.





















Kia Winger - Chrome Logo Rebrand

Posted 17 April 2013

Another successful chrome logo rebrand - this time for Winger Kia


Road Sign Amended!

Posted 12 April 2013

We were under the impression that some people didn't appreciate our sign. Don't want to start WWIII here, so we've changed it!


Halftone Heroes

Posted 10 April 2013

New Cranium road sign. Guaranteed to attract some attention. We'll be updating this monthly - watch this space.





















St John - Opportunity Shop Helensville

Posted 9 April 2013

St John recently purchased a new opportunity shop in Helensville which needed their branding.

See how it turned out!